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Exotic Fruit Tour

Welcome to the Fruit Paradise! Colombia’s fruit culture is getting more and more popular among visitors due to the amazing and incredibly wide range of fruits we have. This is a pure culture-gastronomic experience where you will taste more than 15 amazing fruits!

You will discover not only the amazing healthy benefits of each fruit but also understand our cultural uses of all of them. We will go to the largest Fruit market in Bogota: “Paloquemao”. The idea is to immerse in this sea of colors, flavors and people. Our Exotic Fruit Experience will take you beyond a simple market, you will interact with the traditional families who have owned these stands for years and who will be really happy to see you tasting our delicious colombian fruits.

Colombian Explosive Drinking Game

In Colombia there’s a better national sport rather than soccer, and is called Tejo! This is our indigenous legacy unofficially known today as the Explosive Drinking Sport. This is one of the most popular games across Colombia.

 The Tejo nowadays is played with little folded papers filled with gunpowder. These are places over a metal ring and the idea is to explode them all ! The secret behind is the beer… Beer! The only way to be allowed to play this, is to drink beer. That’s the secret, the more beer you drink the more accurate you’ll be. This cultural experience is one of the best activities to do in Bogotá where we will visit a traditional Tejo Club and enjoy a happy afternoon among popular songs, beer and explosions.

Food For Foodies

This is one of the best gastronomic activities to do in Bogota. With us you will visit 6 different food stores, explore different tastes of Colombia and discover the clash of cultures between the Spanish and the locals with the creation of “empanadas”, “obleas” and “pandebono” and many other .

While walking and eating, you will understand the background of our gastronomy going as far back in time as when the colombian territory was dominated by naure and all our indigenous ancestors. We finish with an amazing coffee experience in a traditional “café” where you will get a first hand experience on what goes arpund this iconic drink that everybody loves, how it is prepared and how it should be enjoyed in its three steps: aroma, flavor and after-taste.

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Monday to Friday 2:00 pm


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The weather of Bogota is very unpredictable, sometimes it rains or sometimes it is sunny. we recommend carrying an umbrella, a light jacket and sun screen.


 $18 USD* per person

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