Free Walking Tour Discounts and Benefits

Show your Free Tour Bracelet and get the following discounts:

Museums and galleries

 Gold Museum: 5% in store
 Ntl. Museum: 10% in store & audio guide.
 Emerald Museum: Free Entrance
 Botero Museum: 5% in store.
 Modern Art Museum: 5% in store
 Archeological Museum: 10% in store
 Dibs Gallery. 5% off your art bill

Emeralds and jewelry

 Márquez y Ariza Joyería. 10% off your bill
 DGN. 10% off your bill

Bars and Pubs

 The Pub (Irish) Free beer tasting
 Goce Pagano (Salsa) 15% off your bill
 Repúblika Bar (Live music) 10% off your bill
 La Villa (Intl. Party) Saturday’s free entrance.


 San Alberto. Free cold coffee
 Magola Buendía. 15% off your bill


 Puerta de la Catedral (Colombian Food) Free dessert
 Contramar (Sea food) 10% off your bill
 Plazuela (Colombian fusion). 10% off your bill
 La Bruja


 Pasaje Colonial. 10% off your bill
 Monserrate market “esperanza store”:  10% off your bill